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Using bee derived products in medicine goes back to ancient Greece when the father of medicine Hippocrates used honey to treat wounds, while the ancient Romans saw pollen as “Life-Giving”.

Bees wax was found in the bottom of an ancient beehive excavated in Tel Rehov in the Jordan Valley… the oldest ever discovery. Hebrew University professor Amihai Mazzar was exploring an archeological dig at a site in the Jordan Valley when he found evidence of beekeeping existing 3,000 ago.  It was set up with180 hives housing over a million bees.  This finding would reveal the earliest Beekeeping industry every.

We may imagine a past when people were in touch with nature as it revealed its hidden wisdom.

Indeed, it’s very easy to be seduced into thinking that the ancients must have also used exotic fragrant remedies that would not only cure ills, but would delight the senses.  If Honey has been used in remedies since ancient times it might sound as though the use of honey in medicine must have been proved beyond doubt hundreds of years ago.

Ancient Remedy for blindness

Pig’s eye, (a type of metal) and red ochre were finely ground and mixed together with a little honey and poured into the ear of the blind man so that he may be cured at once!  There was also chanting and whispers of various spells to assist.


Prepare…. onion, date wine, cumin, salt, yeast, powder of beans, honey and oil.   Mix together and bandage over infected area.  Leave for 4 days.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine was convinced that incorporating honey in his medicinal compounds he could treat a range of ailments.

                   For pain, honey and vinegar.

                   For thirst Hippocrates favored mead.

                   For fever, chill, headaches and muscle aches he would advise honey and water mixed  with various other substances.

I remember my mother and grandmother saying to me if I complained of a sore throat… “Hot water honey and a squeeze of lemon” and sure enough I would wake up the next day feeling so much better.

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