Honey bees


The popularity of Honey bee derived products in skin care has grown over the last few decades. People are looking for serums, sheet masks, moisturizers cleansers and the like because they trust nature and understand what gems these little insects are.


There is almost nothing that is wasted from what Honey bees produce! From their honey, beeswax, Propolis, royal jelly and bee venom, everything is used within in the hive as useful honey bee products. These little creatures work so hard and are so loya, that their only purpose in life is to protect, clean, feed and look after their environment. It’s not surprising that for thousands of years bee derived products have been used for healing battle wounds.  Scientifically proven to be antibacterial it’s no surprise that we are looking closely at what benefits bee products have for our skin today.


Honey has been used by the Ancient Greeks in its raw form.  It’s naturally antibacterial, it help to balance skin that is going through hormonal changes.  It’s full of antioxidants, and has the natural ability to attract water to the skin and to lock it in making it appear more hydrated.  It also is anti aging and has the ability to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You will also find honey has the ability to treat scars left over from acne and blemishes.  You will see the results in around 4 weeks. 

Honey and Royal jelly


One of the hardiest products produced by bees…..they make it to block out the harsh elements! We use it in products like lip balms etc to defend the skin from harsh climate conditions.

It creates a barrier on the surface of the skin protecting if from bacteria and other damaging factors.  It also naturally strengthens the skin while keeping it moist. Bees wax is rich in vitamin A which assists in rejuvenating the skin cells making it appear more youthful.

You will also find bees wax in rich body balms as its versatile ingredient to nourish the entire body.


Propolis has high levels of healing properties which assist in maintaining a strong immune system while re enforcing the body’s resistance to viruses.  These benefits transfer easily over the skin making it a powerful ingredient at combating blemishes. It also has the ability to protect the skin from free radicals.  Because of its high levels of antibacterial properties it’s very effective in combating spots and blemishes.  It’s also rich in vitamins B C and E enhancing the skin while making it restore glow and bounce, giving it a more youthful look.

Honey Bee Propolis


Royal Jelly is a secretion from the honey bee, used to nourish the larvae and the queen.  Appropriately used by Queen Cleopatra.  Royal Jelly is rich in fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and complex B vitamins.   It’s rich in proteins that help support skin renewal, while also rich in collagen providing a firm more radiant and youthful complexion.

Honey Bee Royal jelly


This is nature’s Botox! Bee venom has taken the beauty industry by storm and can often be found in plumping and anti-ageing products from lip balms to face masks.

Bee venom is an anaphylactic, meaning it can temporarily relax your face muscles the same way that you do when using botox.  It has the ability to tighten the skin while creating a smooth and firmer completion.  Bee venom can break down cell membranes to improve circulation, resulting in skin appearing plump and youthful.

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