Bee Pollen


Bee pollen also know as bee bread or ambrosia, is a ball or pellet of field- gathered flower pollen packed by worker bees and used as a primary source of food for the hive.

It consists of simple sugars, proteins, minerals, fatty acids, and other components. This composition is based primarily on the plants the pollen is collected from. A tablespoon of bee pollen has around 40 calories, 7g of carbs (including 4g of natural sugars) and per weight contains more protein than beef or chicken.

Bee pollen is a superfood, it is without doubt the best superfood on the planet. It contains many elements that other processed or natural foods don’t have. Forty percent of its structure is pure protein, and it has free amino acids.

Studies have revealed that bee pollen may soothe burn wounds, relieve menopause symptoms, even decrease multiple sclerosis symptoms in patients. More research needs to be done, but clinical improvement was seen in 100% of the MS patients, and almost 73% of disabled patients were able to return to work.

Bee pollen can eliminate feelings of tiredness and improve your stamina in many ways. It works by providing carbohydrates as a short-term energy boost.  It prepares your body for future challenges. Bee Pollen makes your body better now and in the long-term because proteins are the building blocks of the human body

Bee pollen is sold as natural granules, you can measure out and take by the spoonful. You can mix it into foods like granola or yogurt or make smoothies. It naturally has a bitter taste but people who take it regularly get used to it.

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