Propolis and bee products can be used for the skin in both treatment as well as care.

Raw Propolis

Propolis and bee products can be used for the skin in both treatment as well as care.

Honey, propolis, bee pollen bee bread, royal jelly beeswax and bee venom are natural products which have been used in medicine since ancient times. The biological properties in these products relate to the flavonoid activity which in turn creates a rich antioxidant environment to assist in keeping the body healthy.

The popularity of bee related skincare has grown over the years; there isn’t one beauty product on the market today that hasn’t got some bee derived ingredient in it, from creams, serums, through to sheet masks.

Honey: Naturally antibacterial

           Balances skin that is experiencing hormonal changes.

           Packed with anti oxidants.

           A “humectant” meaning it can attract water to the skin and lock it in making it  appear more hydrated.

           Honey is anti-ageing and can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Beeswax: Often seen as the most useful ingredient, with many skin protecting properties beeswax is incorporated in formulas for hand and lip balms.  It’s designed to defend the skin from harsh weather climates etc

  •                Creates a barrier to protect form damaging factors.
  •                 Helps the skin remain hydrated and soft.
  •                 It naturally strengthens the skin.
  •                 Rich in vitamin “A” allowing it to rejuvenate cells making skin look youthful.

Propolis: High performing antioxidant protecting skin from free radicals.

  •               High in anti bacterial properties making it highly effective to combat spots and blemishes.
  •                Rich in vitamin B, C, and E.
  •                Restores glow and bounce to the complexion.
  •                It’s an all round skin healer assisting in repairs and scaring.

Check the small writing on your skin care products…. you will be surprised what little bees are doing for you.

Hope you are as excited as I am to read further on Beauty and the Bee!

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