Why Propolis is good for you?


Why Propolis is good for you?

We need to understand what propolis is, how it’s made and what use it has within a bee hive in order to understand how special it is, not just to bee colonies but also to us.

Honey bees gather this amazing compound (also known as Bee glue) from the sap of cone-bearing trees and buds of poplars. It’s mixed with their saliva and bee wax to form a sticky brownish resin.

This resin is used to seal cracks and drafts, to repair hives and possibly even to polish brood cells between brood cycles. (Basically cleaning out the nurseries).

It helps to preserve the structural integrity of the bee hive and protects against wood decay, fungus, water and invaders.

It sounds too good to be true! Yes it does, and we are so very fortunate to have these little creatures working so hard because we are finding so many benefits in this resin for humans also!

Propolis is known for its antioxidant, anti inflammatory, anticancer and antimicrobial effects.

It is rich in bioactive molecules whose content varies depending on the botanical and geographical origin of collection.

In humans Propolis is used for treatment of diabetes, cold sores and inflammation, also for genital herpes, burns etc the list goes on and on.

Studies are now being conducted showing sound evidence to support using propolis against Covid 19.

It seems to have activity against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also looks like it has an anti inflammatory effect that assist with the healing of the skin. Thousands of years ago the Ancient Greeks and Romans used it to heal wounds after battle.

In general research shows high quality Propolis provides powerful support for the immune defenses and aids balanced immune function. Great to take in winter to assist resistance and recovery from the common winter ills.

As an anti oxidant propolis provides proven antioxidant activity for cellular health and protection. Antioxidant support is especially important for athletes, liver health and healthy aging.

Propolis can be taken daily to support a healthy immune system.

Do you know that many Olympic athletes use Propolis and Bee pollen to improve their overall performance!

Findings are revealing (but more study is needed) that both Bee pollen and Propolis protect against neuroinflammation in the rodent model of autism. However further studies are needed to investigate the clinical benefits of probiotics-rich diet in neurodevelopment disorders such as autism and the like.

How to use propolis? It can be obtained in capsules or liquid form. Take internally for general well being, or dilute Propolis liquid with water and use as a gargle for mouth and throat health. It can be used directly on the skin to aid healing.

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