Propolis with Kangaroo Island Honey

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Propolis with Kangaroo Island Honey. From the pristine landscape of Kangaroo Island comes a world famous honey, filled with natural immune boosters and anti-ageing properties, we have blended together a Premium Propolis and Honey mix.

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Kangaroo Island honey is produced by the purest strain of Ligurian bees in the world. That’s because Kangaroo Island was proclaimed a Ligurian Bee Sanctuary in 1885, and their bee colonies have never been exposed to common diseases and bacteria that attack hives in the rest of the world.

Our Propolis is 100% Australian, we are the only facility in Australia to process and refine Propolis. Propolis comes from our hives with a majority comes from Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Our High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) results below shows 78 unique compounds from Kangaroo Island representing anti-cancer, antitumor, anti-oxidant properties. This is because of the isolated flora and fauna in particular Australian native sedge grass.

Mixed together we have created a true bee superfood!


This product contains Propolis which can cause severe allergic reaction.

Not suitable for children

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