Our Capabilities & Standards

The quality reputation we’ve earned over the years is not abstract. It reflects our high capability and consistent standard to make premium quality bee products available across Australia. We have the bee industry covered with our network of bee hives across various South Australian locations.

We have over 2,000 bee hives in our local South Australian Apiary Network. Our products are completely safe for human use because we meet all food safety, quality, and legal requirements. Our products are certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), including Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) by appropriate local and international bodies. This certification means we meet local and international food handling standards for safety.

Processing & Production

We are the pioneer company in Australia that handles the manufacture and distribution of premium quality bee products, aside from honey. Our production and distribution is further elevated with our new facility built in Adelaide.

Research & Development

We are relentlessly focused on improving our qualities and standards to get even better progressively. We now have quality control and advanced research at our fingertips with our purpose-built laboratory and research center.

This laboratory and research facility is the first of its kind, HPLC lab with optimized design for easy assessment and the quality and active ingredients found in various bee products, including propolis, bee wax, bee pollen, and Royal Jelly.

We strive to help various emerging industries in Australia reach their full potential by ensuring the availability of only high-quality raw material and high potency raw materials without any artificial additives or colors in the Australian and export market.

Our Values


We have invested in the greatest minds and latest analytical instruments available. Currently, we are expanding our data base and recourses to help better understand the products we handle. We are the first and only company in Australia to be able to test for quality and analyse active ingredients like 10Hda in Royal Jelly, or the bioactive components inside Propolis. This makes us the industry leader, but with that comes a huge responsibility.

Relationships With Australian Businesses & Suppliers

Like any industry, the real key to success is forged from longstanding relationships amongst like-minded business. We have some of the largest and most reputable business partners in our nutraceutical and natural health network. We can help initiate and develop new ideas and formulas from scratch to help you achieve your goals. From artwork and package design, to mixing and blending formulas, learn how Bee healthy Australia can help you.

Safety Practices
& Regulations

Bee Healthy believes that quality can only be achieved by implementing strict standards and processes. Some of these include non-contact with plastics and phthalates, strict product screening for pesticides, and veterinary residue. All materials are tested and validated in our in-house laboratory.

With our newly accredited facility, we are proud to be certified under HACCP GMP.

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