What Is Royal Jelly?

Currently, there isn’t enough Royal Jelly in Australia to meet the global demand. Bee Healthy Australia is in the process of establishing a network co-op in Australia, with a purpose to significantly expand on the limited raw materials available. This will allow already established Apiarists and Bee Farmers to easily integrate Bee Healthy Australia’s systems. We can offer a cost effective set up and begin harvesting these products without the traditional labour extensive processes that up until now, have stunted Australia’s own industry from emerging.

Up until now, it was horrific to find out the truth of the Australian market. In fact, all of our competitors are importing the product already freeze dried, on-selling both nationally and internationally as “Australian Made’ and charging obscene premiums without the slightest clue on what they are distributing. Bee Healthy Australia has identified some unsavoury shortcuts and clever synthesis of some of these active components. Bee Healthy Australia is spending money and investing resources into better understanding how we can identify and control these products being sold.

This is extremely concerning to us, as the complexity and value of these products are significant. Imagine purchasing a product, worth hundreds of dollars per kilogram, that nobody knows how to validate or analyse. There will always be companies who are motivated by profit and sales volume, rather than the wellbeing of its customers. Although Bee Healthy Australia knows it will never win the battle against counterfeit fake Australian Products, at the very least, we hope to identify and control its distribution, and help educate industries and end users on what they can do to make sure their health and investments are well looked after.

What Is Propolis?

We have a healthy supply of Propolis emerging from South Australia. With our brand-new state of the art facility in Glynde, Bee Healthy Australia are proud to be Australia’s first and only processing facility. Although there are significant challenges that surround the established Pseudo Australian market, which is dominated by synthetic imported propolis that comes from everywhere other than a bee hive.

We want to increase the awareness of what can be done to identify fake Australian Propolis and bee products. We feel that with accurate information, and the introduction of strict global manufacturing company standards, we can help Australia capitalise on what comes from our clean green environment, and develop a product all Australians can be proud of.

What Is Bee Pollen?

Currently, we have a strong supply of premium quality, strictly Australian sourced Bee Pollen. Bee Healthy Australia is the largest global distributor of Australian Bee Pollen. We are very selective, and understand how to best capture a balanced nutrition profile by blending multi geographically sourced bee pollen. The outcome is not only delicious and crunchy, but contains some of the richest superfood qualities on the market.

Product Design & Development

With our extensive knowledge and background in manufacturing, we offer a complete suite of solutions for new product development.


With our brand new production facility we can blend and mix and pack your products under the one roof. We have options from glass/plastic jars, coloured jars to stand-up pouches, or we can custom make packaging designed for you. From liquid or powder filling sachets, viscous liquids or bulk powder blending, find out how best we can help you achieve you vision.

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