Royal Jelly and Weight loss!

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly and Weight loss!

Royal Jelly and Weight loss!

There are over 2 billion people world wide who are over weight or obese and that number is growing. It’s a scary situation because of the impact this in fact will have on our health system down the track.  Diseases such as diabetes and cardio related issues are directly linked to obesity, and being over weight contributes to 1.2 million deaths annually.  We all to some extent are looking for a healthy life style and to be happy with the way we look.

Unfortunately some people can’t seem to loose weight regardless of how much they exercise and how strict their calorie intake is.

Researchers supplemented a high fat diet with Royal Jelly and found that it reduced the build up of bad fats. Surprisingly Royal Jelly didn’t suppress the amount of brown fat (good fat) which generates heat in the body. In the study scientists found that Royal Jelly in your diet had the capability to increase your metabolism and burn off body fat.

Royal Jelly and Healthy hair and nails!

We all know how our hair can make or break our day! You can be totally confident or want to hide under a rock based on the way your hair looks and behaves.

We place so much importance on colour and cut when in actual fact we should be looking on how we can increase our hair’s nutritional needs.  As we grow old our metabolism slows down and in particular with hair it alters the follicles responsible for producing new hair.

In order to improve your hair you need to seriously consider the benefits of supplementing your body to promote healthy hair growth and renewal.

Royal Jelly’s nutritional content has been studies for years and because of its high vitamins and amino acid compounds helps hair right at the follicle.  So based on that, Royal Jelly not only assists with healthy hair growth right at the root level, but it also contributes to healthy nails. It’s also important to note the Royal Jelly assist with blood circulation which in turns encourage healthy hair and nail growth. It also assists with the production of Keratin which is the key ingredient in the development and building of healthy hair and nails.

Based on the information coming out of late Royal Jelly is rich in vitamins therefore taking Royal Jelly daily could be the key to your hair, nail and healthier looking you!

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