Royal jelly powder Bee Healthy Australia


Throughout the centuries Royal Jelly and in fact all bee derived products have been seen as having amazing benefits contributing to the health of humans.  Today many scientific studies show incredible results in the treatment of various physical ailments and diseases.

This gelatinous substance is produced by honey bees to feed their young as well as the queen. The full chemical makeup of royal jelly is unknown, but its positive effects on health are thought to stem from its unique proteins and fatty acids.  Royal jelly also contains several vitamin “B” elements as well as traces of various minerals benefits.  (Nutrient levels may vary based on its sources)

Royal jelly’s benefits are vast…..from treating skin infections burns wounds etc, to controlling cholesterol, diabetes, boosting the immune system to combat infections and the like.  Studies also show  that it has the capability in increasing the testosterone levels in males and with regular consumption of royal jelly it showed positive effects on improving sperm count.

Due to its nutrient combination royal jelly combined with other bee products such as propolis bee pollen etc science is beginning to see positive results for premenstrual symptoms such as irritability, weight fluctuation and water retention.  Further exciting evidence is showing that royal jelly can protect against osteoporosis by decreasing bone resorption. 

Exciting evidence is also surfacing based on the fact that Australia has some of the best bee colonies in the world along with Italy and Turkey, thus making Australian Royal Jelly very sort out globally.

Royal jelly supplements are available in various forms from capsules to jelly, powders liquid etc.  How  to take it depends on your particular needs.  There are many bee derived products on the market today always consult your health expert or dietitian on proper consumption on what is best for your particular needs.

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